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How to rebuild index ? - corrupt index for ArcGIS Portal 10.8.1

05-31-2023 03:25 AM
New Contributor

After using the reindex function in portaladmin, on the user index for ArcGIS Portal, we are stuck with a corrupted index.
The index is deleted and only users that re-logon to the portal are indexed. 
Problem is on a HA setup of ArcGIS Portal 10.8.1

I'm aware of the old howto "Manually rebuild the index in Portal for ArcGIS":

Is there now a way to achieve the same for 10.8.1?

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by Esri Contributor
Esri Contributor

Unfortunately, there is no way to manually rebuild the index in Portal for ArcGIS post 10.7.1. The article has the following note:


I would continuously run the reindex function in the Portal admin endpoint to see if that fixes it (several times if necessary). Otherwise, you may need to revert to a snapshot or webgisdr backup, if you have them.

You mentioned that your deployment is HA. I usually find it helpful to unregister the standby Portal when troubleshooting HA environments.


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New Contributor II

I am experiencing the same problem. I upgraded from 10.9.1 to 11.2 recently and now my user index is corrupted but unable to pinpoint when it became corrupted.  I tried reindexing and reconfiguring the index over 20 times. I also exported and imported my site but that also failed to fix the index. 

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Occasional Contributor

I had a similar issue with HA deployment where the indexing got corrupted when a standby portal was added to the site. Had to remove secondary portal, index in primary and then add secondary and reindex again, It worked


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New Contributor II

My Portal is not HA so we just have this one machine and several federated servers. So far ESRI does not know how to fix this and I'm looking at completely redeploying Portal. 

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