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how to overlay 2 different countries to show size and area difference

10-26-2011 10:42 AM
New Contributor
Hello-  How can I display a map of Panama over a map of Iran to show the difference in size?  This should be easy but I don't get it.

Thanks to any and all that have the answer.

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An easy way would be to use two dataframes and overlay them in a Layout. If you print (to pdf or paper), then nobody will know how it was done.

  • In one dataframe, show Iran and any other neighbouring countries and water that you want.

  • In the second dataframe, add Panama only

  • *but ensure that the map scale is the same as the Iran dataframe.

  • *Also ensure that you don't have any other layers that might fill the Panama dataframe space (like oceans)

  • *don't give the dataframe a fill or an outline, as it needs to be transparent except for Panama.

  • Then slide the Panama dataframe onto the Iran data frame.

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Perfect and so easy.  Thanks Cameron.  I appreciate it!
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