How Does One Create Multiple Print Tools In Portal for ArcGIS?

11-26-2018 03:37 PM
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I have successfully created a custom print tool using the print widget in Portal for ArcGIS.  It took a little work (trial and error) but I have one service created using our corporate logo and other pertinent information.

However, This is only one print tool...I created an 11x17 tabloid portrait format map page in ArcMap and shared it to Portal.  It works.  What I would like to do now is create a series of options for the user to select portrait or landscape in various page sizes.  I created a 2nd print tool using the exact same steps in ArcMap that I used to create the portrait print tool and created a print tool in 11x17 tabloid landscape format, but when I went to print I still only saw my original 11x17 tabloid portrait format available for selection, and not the landscape option.  I cannot seem to get Portal's print widget to recognize anything else in that folder.

Does anyone here know what I need to do to get this to work?  How do I create a print widget in Portal for ArcGIS that offers a selection of page size print options for the users?  Do I create them all in ArcMap and save it as one large print service?  Or is there a better way to get Portal for ArcGIS to recognize multiple page size print options that I create in ArcMap?  All of the graphic types are there (i.e. PDF, JPG, PNG etc.)...just not my other print services other than the first one I created.


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Hi Mark,

> How do I create a print widget in Portal for ArcGIS that offers a selection of page size print options for the users?

You don't need to create multiple Print services for different custom layouts; you would simply add your additional layouts to the Layout Templates folder being used by the Print service you already published.

Tutorial: Publish additional services for printing in ArcMap—Documentation | ArcGIS Enterprise 

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the feedback...much appreciated (again).  I was following that tutorial on publishing additional services for printing in ArcMap, but for some reason it was not showing up as one of my print options in the Web App.  However, I may have resolved the issue (with only one less critical issue remaining).  

In the web app builder one is required to add a path to the print services for one's custom print templates.  Mine looks like:

However, there are three things I adjusted this time to make it work:

1) When preparing to publish I set the parameters in the Service Editor to "Required" instead of "Optional"


2) In the web app builder I reset the print services path to reflect the latest version of my default settings before publishing:

3) I also noticed that I had neglected to share the new print service with "Everyone" before, so I made sure I shared it out in Portal once it was published.  It wasn't even showing up in REST Services until I did this.

Once done I now see my other choice for a map template available as a custom print service in the web app:

Now I just have to figure out why our orthophoto appears at this scale in the web app, but it won't appear in the resulting PDF, unless I go to a larger scale.

                                 Web App


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I made a mistake and took a screen shot of the wrong process in the Service Editor.  I didn't set the Format to "Required" as per above...I set the choice list in the Layout Template as "Required" :-).  Sorry about that:


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