Graticule halo around label font

02-17-2012 07:29 AM
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Am I missing a step or is there no way to select a halo around a font I'm using in a graticule label like you can for annotation?
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Hi Mike,

You are right. There is no way to apply halos for graticule text. You can vote on ArcGIS Ideas for that: An idea is already published.

A similar question was answered by Esri staff at the Esri Mapping Center: and here you can get a very good clue on how else the text formatting can be done.

There is a tool in Cartography toolbox: This tool is called Make Grids And Graticules Layer. As the output of the tool, you get some feature classes for which you apply more advanced symbology. Have not tested it myself, but it seems as you can get at least some parts of the text formatting done. The tool is available with ArcEditor and ArcInfo licenses.

PS. Just tested formatting options in 10.1 installed on another machine and it looks as nothing has changed since 10 regarding this.
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