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04-24-2021 10:05 PM
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We have a corporate geocode service that it accessed across a number of portals and all are having issues when uploading a CSV.

Some records in CSV are not being matched due to either that the address does not exist or data issues. For example  1 Johnston St, WINDSOR does not exist in data.  1 W Portland Rd, SACKVILLE Should be 1 WEST Portland Rd

There seems to be a mismatch in the way that Portal is undertaking the suggestions.

  1. If I use the manual address find tool, I get a match (after data editing)



The URL for the following search is as follows




If I use the review process when loading the CSV the URL is as following



This case returns a 400 error.



Not sure why the find address tool is using the 'suggest' option but the review is using the 'findAddressCandidate'

Any help would be very much appreciated.



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Hi Dean, in order to make use of a suggest result in a findAddressCandidates request, you will need to pass one extra parameter (magicKey). When I grab the magicKey from your suggest result and add it into your findAddressCandidates request, I get the following:

You can think of a findAddressCandidates request as accepting either a text string or a suggest result object (the object containing both a text string attribute and a magicKey attribute, which helps our engine find the exact suggestion you're looking for). Please let me know if this helps or if you have additional questions. -Christa

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Thanks @ChristaHash , how is the 'MagicKey' generated?

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Hi Dean, the magicKey is generated as part of the output of the suggest request, and is basically just a key we generate to link a suggestion to a record in the data used to build the locator: 

          {"text":"1 WEST PORTLAND RD, SACKVILLE NSW 2756","magicKey":"GANSW705879336","isCollection":false
          {"text":"34 WEST PORTLAND RD, SACKVILLE NSW 2756","magicKey":"GANSW706501063","isCollection":false
          {"text":"74 WEST PORTLAND RD, SACKVILLE NSW 2756","magicKey":"GANSW706501060","isCollection":false
          {"text":"93 WEST PORTLAND RD, SACKVILLE NSW 2756","magicKey":"GANSW705892850","isCollection":false
          {"text":"96 WEST PORTLAND RD, SACKVILLE NSW 2756","magicKey":"GANSW706524225","isCollection":false

So when if you generate suggestions and choose one to use for search (findAddressCandidates), you can pull the magicKey and matching input text from the suggestion you choose. 

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