Flexibility of ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS named users

04-12-2017 05:04 AM
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Scenario: If I have ArcGIS Enterprise Standard, I get 5 Portal level 2 named users. In addition to this, if I have 5 ArcGIS Desktop, I'll get 5 ArcGIS Online level 2 named users. 


Kindly consider the below three questions separately.  


  • Q1. Do the 5 AGOL L2 named users have to be part of the same AGOL organization account, or can there be one AGOL organization account for 3 users and another AGOL organization account for 2 users? 

  • Q2. Can the AGOL L2 named users be converted to Portal L2 named users so Portal can have a 10 named users? If yes, then is opposite be true as well?


  • Q3. Finally, as I understand, if there are 5 ArcGIS Desktop licenses purchased, I will have 5 ArcGIS Pro licenses tied to 5 AGOL named users. Can these 5 ArcGIS Pro licenses be moved from AGOL named users to Portal named users, such that the portal named users can now login to ArcGIS Pro?

Answers to any of these questions will be appreciated.



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I am pretty sure the answer to Q1 is no. Those 2 named users will be tied to the Organization you also get for free as part of you annual maintenance.  The org and named usersw are a bundle deal and can't be separated.

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Hi cmcclain‌. Thanks for your input.

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I am also curious about moving users between ArcGIS Online and Portal.  We have been using ArcGIS Online for quite awhile and are just now setting up Portal.  We would like to move some of our users "in-house" (to Portal).  Is that possible?

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Hi Idaho Fish and Game,

It's best to contact your local Esri account manager/Distributor to check if you can "switch" your ArcGIS Online named user accounts to become Portal for ArcGIS named user accounts. I believe it is possible, but they would need to help you obtain a new license file (from Esri Customer Service) for Portal for ArcGIS (to enable additional Portal members).

Hope this helps,

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