Feature search in ArcGIS Pro with published Portal content failure with 'Underlying DBMS error' in Server logs

12-30-2020 12:59 PM
Occasional Contributor II

I've been setting up non-GIS colleagues to use Portal-published content in ArcGIS Pro, and the using the Feature Search in the Locate tool returns empty results every time regardless of layer used. The Server Manager logs give an error related to the SQL Server database on which our enterprise database is stored (and served as a referenced layer in our Portal). Other than finding this error, I'm not sure where to go next. The fields being searched are strings and are not indexed. I'm not sure if indexing is an option for me, as I would need to interrupt our services to end all database connections each time to rebuild them. However I'm not even sure if the lack of indexing is the problem. 


dbms error server manager.JPG


UPDATE: It appears I was able to solve the search functionality in ArcGIS Pro; I did not see earlier at the very bottom of the attribute fields list that it was defaulting to search 'Equals' on the GlobalID field, which obviously would not have returned any results anyway. All the same, I'm not entirely sure why or what the above DBMS errors addressing and if I need to do anything about them. 


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