Error code: 204 (Host requires authentication), when submitting Survey123 survey to ArcGIS Enterprise Portal

05-05-2022 01:13 AM
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I occasionally experience an error when submitting a survey123 survey to an ArcGIS Enterprise portal, error message as follows:

Error code: 204; Host requires authentication.

Some background on the latest instance:  I got this error message again after I changed my login password to the Enterprise portal.  The survey's however, was taken after the password from the Portal side was changed, but was not yet updated on the Android device that are used to capture surveys.  I then updated the password on the Android device, and was able to send new surveys.  The problem however, is that the 10 or so surveys that was taken before the password was updated, still does not want to send (and keeps on giving the same error code 204).

Is there a way to solve this, as this will create potential significant rework if this problem persists?

I have recently updated Survey123 on the Android device, so the version should be up to date.

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I was experiencing same issue after updating APP to 3.15 

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I am facing the same problem. Did you maybe find a solution for it? 

Survey123 Field App 3.15.156