Editing Features In an SDE database through Portal

08-29-2016 09:42 AM
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Good Morning

 I am creating my first editable webapp in portal and I am running into an issue. I can make edits in my webapp and my mxd but the edits I make in one do not show up in the other.My feature class is in an SDE database (SQLServer) and we are using ArcGIS 10.3.1. Hope that made sense

Thank You

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Changes to the webapp will not migrate to the mxd.  The webapp is consuming the mxd's layers.

Changes to the mxd need to republished to Portal for the webapp to see them.

Under current Portal versions, when you change and republish the mxd, it will cause certain modifications made in the webapp (like renaming layers, etc...) to be overwritten with the new mxd info.  (or the layers will go back to the previous names.  If I recall, the same thing applies if you move the order of the layers around.)

I believe the 10.5 release of Portal is going to address some of these issues.

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Hi Scott,

How did you publish your data as a service?  Did you publish the data to Portal for ArcGIS or to an ArcGIS Server connection? 

If you published the data to an ArcGIS Server connection, and you have the geodatabase is registered with ArcGIS Server, the data will be read directly from the geodatabase.  Therefore, when you update the data in ArcGIS Desktop, or the Web App, the changes will be written back to the geodatabase. 

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