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Edit domain in Pro after publishing to portal

06-20-2023 05:10 AM
Occasional Contributor

Hello. I have a question about why I am unable to edit the domain of a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Pro after I have published it to the portal. I know the domains can be edited from the item page on the portal after publishing, but I'm curious why the domains would be "read-only" in Pro after publishing the layer to the portal. Any information on this would be helpful.

Thank you.

See message at the top of the domains page in Pro: 



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According to the ArcGIS Pro Help  only fields and indexes can be added/deleted. No information is given about why domains cannot be edited.

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The GIS user in my organization that publishes our enterprise data to Portal for us publishes the data as map and feature services to allow dynamic updates to the domains within Pro. Don't know if this will fit all of your requirements, but if editing domains in Pro is a must for you this will allow that, though it may cause some limitations elsewhere for full use in portal.


Have you tried connecting to the data in Pro via the url to see if the problem persists?