Drawing Order of Graduated Symbols NOT the Documented Order in ArcMap 10

05-24-2012 08:16 PM
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I find that graduated symbols are always drawn over filled polygons (graduated colors) even if the filled polygons are higher in the layer order. Filled polygons higher in the layer order cover filled polygons in a lower layer. Symbols higher in a higher layer are drawn over symbols in a lower layer. This lexicographic drawing order does not follow the drawing order that I see documented.

Am I missing something?  Has anyone seen this in the ArcMap 10 documentation, and, if so, where?
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It may be more widespread than that!

Seems Graduated Symbology is drawn as though it is the HIGHEST layer. Also, Transparency changes are shown in the layer symbology, but NOT in the drawn map.

Can someone confirm?

ArcMap 10.1

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Did you set the background for the graduated symbols layer to hollow?  The graduated symbols will show the point markers, as well as have a background for the features.  Change the background to hollow.

From the help:

    Click the Template button to choose another marker symbol. If you click Background, you can choose the fill symbol that will be used behind your graduated symbols.
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I do not think this is the case, since this same issue has been seen in the past.

In my graduated I had different colors set, so even if there was a background overwhelming the transparency it would not explain the different colors remaining solid on the map while the colors in the layers section showed transparent.

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I will confirm that ArcMap 10 does NOT allow higher layers to overlay graduated symbols on the map. Now what is the work around, besides superimposing static graphics? I did find that using the Dot Density Symbology instead of the Graduated Symbology does not have the same layering problem.

There must be a glitch in ArcMap 10. If you have a commercial license with ESRI, please report this.
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