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Domain codes populate fields instead of domain descriptions in View Layers

11-01-2023 09:07 AM
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When creating a View Layer from a hosted feature layer in ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, the domain codes populate the fields instead of the expected domain descriptions. This occurs after defining which fields will be visible.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a basic polygon layer in ArcGIS Pro with domains assigned to some fields.
  2. Publish this layer as a hosted feature layer to the organization's Enterprise Portal.
  3. Create a View Layer from the hosted feature layer.
  4. Navigate to the Visualization tab for the View Layer.
  5. Choose Set View Definition > Define Fields.
  6. Set which fields will be visible to other organization members.
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Open a popup or navigate to the Data tab.

Observed Behavior:

  • The values for any fields with domains display the domain codes, not the domain descriptions. Occurs in popups and tables.
  • The Arcade function DomainName() also does not resolve this issue.

Expected Behavior:

  • The values for any fields with domains should display the domain descriptions, not the domain codes.


  • This occurs for both integer and string domain types.
  • Symbolization is set to single symbol before publishing. There's a bug report with a sort of similar issue, but this workaround does not solve it.


  • ArcGIS Pro Version: 2.9.5
  • Enterprise Portal Version: 10.8
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