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DNS problem when I access to Portal from an external machine

03-28-2019 10:18 AM
New Contributor

Hi all,

I read doc and see answers in this forum about a similar problem, but i doesn't see the same characteristics that my problem.

I am using a VM. I rename the machine "alma" and add a DNS "" like ESRI support says to me.

I install ArcGIS Server and etc. by ArcGIS Enterprise Builder in this VM, the installation works perfectly.

But, when I try to access to server from another PC i need to write the IP of VM instead of to access to server, so I need to write https://XX.XX.XX.XXX:6443/arcgis/manager/site.html instead of or . My first question if it's logic or not ? And why ?

Also, there is the big problem. When I also try to access to Portal from outside the VM, if I write or or https://XX.XX.XX.XXX:7443/portal/home/organization.html there is the result :

 and few seconds later this ->

If i write this https://XX.XX.XX.XXX/portal/home/organization.html this is the result : 

So, we need to access to Portal from outside our VM and I don't know what to do to fix this problem. Because in fact if I install all the products with ArcGIS Enterprise Builder, this do a correct installation, right ? Because I see in doc that it can be a problem with WebAdaptor configuration name : but I see and the name of WA is the correct so it can't be that. 

Thanks in advance and I hope we can fix it.


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Esri Notable Contributor

Looks like there are a number of network related problems. First, your machine name isn't resolving even within your internal network. DNS should be associating the IP address, of the Enterprise machine (, let's say), to the hostname, (, let's say). Outside of the network, your machine needs to be publicly accessible and you need to assign a hostname/domain to the public IP address, that'll give you access to the site from outside of your network. Unfortunately, none of those problems are something Esri Technical Support or our documentation will help with. Those problems should be addressed by your IT staff.

The invalid_redirect_uri problem is due to the fact that Portal is configured with a certain set of hostnames that can sign into Portal, for example or * When you reach the Portal home page through those hostnames, there shouldn't be a problem. Portal doesn't know what the IP address is and it doesn't match the hostnames it's configured to allow a sign in from, which is why you receive the invalid_redirect_uri error.

I'd sort out the network problem first, and then everything else should fall into place.

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Hello Jonathan,

Thanks a lot for your answer ! It was very useful ! Like you said, the IP address doesn't match with the hostname configured by us. So, we uninstall and delete all products from ArcGIS, we change the name of the VM and we put his real name and DNS (, that is the name that we can find in the administration page of our virtual machine from the OVH site, and finally we reinstall ArcGIS Enterprise Builder. And it works  now we can entry in Portal from other machines. 

Thanks again and have a nice day ! 

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