Delete default ESRI items from Portal?

06-02-2021 02:46 PM
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I'm running Enterprise 10.8.1 and I see that there are all sorts of Apps and Webmaps put there (by default?) by ESRI.  Many of the items server no real purpose as they just link back to the ESRI product pages.  There is even duplicates of some items.


Does anyone know how or when these get created?


In an ideal world I'd like to delete these from Portal but I can't because I don't own them.  Has anyone else run into this issue and if so, is there a fix?  I guess last resort might be to delete the item folders from the Portal install but I'm not sure I'm ready to try that just yet.


Thanks in advance.

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I do not believe that you can. They're sort of "double-delete-protected", in a way that you can't modify. You can't reassign ownership or remove these items.

There might be a way to get into the back-end and remove these, but that would be ill-advised.

- Josh Carlson
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Thanks Josh... that's kind of what I figured.

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Hi Sean, there are a couple of options.

To reduce the amount of content, you can use disable external content: 

This will hide:

  • All basemaps owned by "esri_[language]"
  • All content owned by "esri_nav"
  • All content owned by "esri"

If it's Living Atlas content you'd like to remove, you can disable it: