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07-16-2020 04:51 PM
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Hi folks, got a question regarding dropping a data store connection.  We need to test something that would require us to drop the data store.  I'm assuming this will break any web map, apps, dashboards that we currently have.  Is this a valid assumption?

We plan on reconnecting the data store after our testing has completed.  Will this automatically reconnect the data in our web maps, apps, dashboards or will they be permanently hosed?


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Hello Jim

I’m going to make an assumption that by "dropping the datastore", you mean stop the Data Store service (without starting again) or shutdown the virtual machine that hosts it. If this is the case, then any web maps or web apps that rely on hosted services will have errors when trying to load those layers.


However, by restarting the Data Store service or virtual machine, the hosted services should return and continue to function.


If you mean to unregister the data store, then you will lose those hosted services. The way to get around this would be to use the data store command line utilities tools to back up  and then restore it.


Another option, which is perhaps easier, is to take a snapshot of the VM before you blow it away and then you can restore it.

Cheers Ed

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Hi Jim Lugosi‌,

In addition to Eduardo Fernandez's great comments, if the datastores are configured for "HA" you are replicate the functionality of a datastore failure by promoting and demoting datastores. This process switches primary and secondary datastores respectfully within the server administrator. Creating a fail over by software command.


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Can I then create a secondary datastore on another federated server like an image server?

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