Custom Pop-ups Work in Pro not in Portal

11-24-2020 02:53 PM
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I have come across various issues regarding popups working correctly in Pro but when published to Enterprise 10.7.1, the popup configuration does not come through.

I tested using custom popups. I used 3 different objects to create the popup, first being a text with a custom expression, second I turned on a few fields, third was a text object with more custom expressions.
Works great in Pro.

custom_popups.pngcustom_popups_pro_blurred.pngWhen published to Portal, only the 1st object (text values) gets passed through for the feature service. With the image service, nothing passes through.

feature servicefeature serviceimage serviceimage service

Is this a known limitation with Portal?

I have been told that there is a bug logged:

BUG-000108454 : A customized pop-up in ArcGIS Pro fails to show the field value in the pop-up pane after publishing a hosted feature service to ArcGIS Online

Though this references ArcGIS Online and hosted feature service (I'm using referenced data from postgres db) it does sound like a similar issue.

I just want it confirmed that others are experiencing the same issue?

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I took a look at that defect you mentioned, and it seems that this is a known limitation of web apps built using the 3.x version of the ArcGIS API for Javascript. The old ArcGIS Online map viewer, as well as the default Portal Mpa Viewer, are built on vesion 3.x. It looks like in 4.x, which is what hte new Map Viewer Beta uses, the issue is resolved.

Can you try loading this pop-up in the ArcGIS Online Map Viewer Beta? If you are using Enterprise 10.8.1, you can download the Beta here:



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Oh cool that is great insight into the issue.

We are on 10.7.1 but plan to be upgrading to 10.8.1 soon so look forward to testing this then 🙂 

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Hello @Anonymous User,

A co-worker and I are having issues with our customization of pop-ups from Pro to Portal not being carried through when we publish. I see that this conversation is from 2020. Is your recommendation still valid?