Crowdsource Reporter No Popup & Layer Selection

07-23-2021 06:46 PM
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I am working with an agency that has a Crowdsource Reporter web application hosted within their Portal. This Crowdsource Reporter has three web maps within the group with three layers per web map that have popups for each layer. Inside the web maps, the popups display fine and but within the web application, only layers 1 and 3 popups display information when the point is selected by the user. The second layer when the user attempts to select the layer in the web application does not appear to be selected and no popup information is displayed.

I'm troubleshooting why the second layer fails within two areas.

1.) It does not appear the user can selectable a point in the web application

2.) The layer fails to return any popup information.

All three layers are from the same hosted feature service that has popups enabled on each layer in the web maps. Only the first layer in each web map has editing enabled and layers 2 and 3 are based upon a filter for displaying certain items within their popups. Is there something I can check to make sure the layer properties are configured correctly or perhaps permissions are missing?

Any suggestions are appreciated and thank you!

Bethany Hall
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