Create collaboration with ArcGIS Online "Collab_0065"

10-23-2021 06:49 AM
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Hi, trying to set up collaboration between enterprise 10.9 to ArcGIS Online and coming across this error. The enterprise previous had domain and we changed it to . We updated all the urls used in the federation and items. Everything appears to work. However when I attempt to create this collaboration I get the error below. Any way we can fix this?


Edit: I got this error when trying to accept the response from arcgis online.




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Hi @VictorTey 

Try this one first:

My ArcGIS Online organization changed its URL key. How can I reestablish my organization as a collaboration participant?

You can accomplish this in one of two ways:

  • The collaboration host can delete and re-create a collaboration with the new URL key.
  • The collaboration guest may leave the collaboration and request to be reinvited by the host using the new URL.

if the issue persists, then try establishing a new distributed collaboration from AGOL to Portal.



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Thanks @MehdiPira1  for your reply. Unfortunately this is a fresh collaboration, configured from scratch. I have removed all previous collaboration configuration.

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We are seeing the same issue. Was this ever resolved?

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For anyone experiencing this issue, it is likely due to an incorrect, or otherwise different portal URL having been used in the past for a Distributed Collaboration. The AGOL database logs that "incorrect" URL believing it to be valid, and thus recognizes no other portal URLs. 

The best resolution for this issue is to create a technical support ticket, as this back end change to AGOL is only able to be done by Esri. 

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We have a two-ways collaboration between two AGE 10.9.1 machines. All URI's are based on the machines' FQDN, say and The collaboration is working properly. 

To use generic names, we configured the WebContextURL Portal's variable on each machine to point to resp. ({"WebContextURL": ""} resp. {"WebContextURL": ""} - for the non-believers).

The existing collaboration still works fine. Butcreating a new fails showing the same error.

To me, it seems that the collaboration's creation process is fully unaware of the WebContextURL's value, so it clings to the old value.

Please do not tell to move to 11.1, because the customer who needs to use the generic name cannot upgrade - for reasons of its own.

The question is then: is it an OAuth2 issue and so solve by updating the collaboration apps?


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