Create collaboration with ArcGIS Online "Collab_0065"

10-23-2021 06:49 AM
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Hi, trying to set up collaboration between enterprise 10.9 to ArcGIS Online and coming across this error. The enterprise previous had domain and we changed it to . We updated all the urls used in the federation and items. Everything appears to work. However when I attempt to create this collaboration I get the error below. Any way we can fix this?


Edit: I got this error when trying to accept the response from arcgis online.




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Hi @VictorTey 

Try this one first:

My ArcGIS Online organization changed its URL key. How can I reestablish my organization as a collaboration participant?

You can accomplish this in one of two ways:

  • The collaboration host can delete and re-create a collaboration with the new URL key.
  • The collaboration guest may leave the collaboration and request to be reinvited by the host using the new URL.

if the issue persists, then try establishing a new distributed collaboration from AGOL to Portal.



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Thanks @MehdiPira1  for your reply. Unfortunately this is a fresh collaboration, configured from scratch. I have removed all previous collaboration configuration.

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We are seeing the same issue. Was this ever resolved?

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