Crashing on editing hosted feature service item properties within federated portal

11-12-2015 11:10 AM
Esri Contributor


I'm experiencing an issue when trying to edit item properties of a hosted feature service, and then hitting save, the browser icon just spins and freezes. This is on all hosted feature services on a hosted datastore federated with IWA.

For example if I want to enable editing through the item properties, or even change the name of item...

I can, however go through the REST endpoint in server/admin and edit the JSON to reflect the changes that I want, and it works. Just not through the Portal.

Same behaviour with Chrome or IE or FF

What should I be looking at?

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Esri Regular Contributor

Could you let me know the following:

1. Go to My Organization

2. Edit Settings.

3. Security -> Are the following options checked?

  • Allow access to the portal through SSL only,
  • Allow anonymous access to your portal.
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Esri Contributor

Hi Aravind, Yup, both options are checked.

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