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Configure Geocode Server for choropleth maps in Esri Maps for Office when connected to Portal 10.3

12-17-2015 11:15 AM
Regular Contributor

So if I have a spreadsheet with zip codes in one column and number of residents in another column (for example), I can use Esri Maps for Office in Excel and connect to AGOL, select cell range, and choose Zipcode for Location Type.  This will result in a zip code polygon layer that is symbolized by my # of residents column.  It's a great way to turn an excel spreadsheet quickly into a choropleth map. 

However, I cannot seem to replicate this functionality in Portal 10.3.  Is there a way to do this?

I've tried the following

Created a zip code Geocode service based on a polygon zip code feature class, and registering that zip code geocode service with my Portal.  However, that just allows me to geocode points by zip code in Maps for Office.  It doesn't end up with a choropleth map like it does in AGOL.  What is the difference between AGOLs geocode service for zip codes and my own?  What are the correct steps for creating an internal geocode service based on zip code polygons that will allow me to create choropleth maps in Maps for Office? 

I could be successful in replicating this task in Excel by adding my own location type and using a zip codes feature class in Portal (not the geocode service), but I would like to create a central locator that all users would be able to select in the Location Type drop-down (instead of walking each user through the steps of creating their own location type). 


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