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06-21-2012 06:58 AM
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I recently was assisting a GIS beginner with a project, and I noticed that when she went to Fill Color in the Symbol Selector window that she had numerous many more color choices than the standard 10X12 color grid that I've always had with ArcGIS. She did not know how she got all these choices as she had not done anything special to get more color choices. She has the same version of ArcGIS I have (10). I've since tried to play around with the settings to see what I need to do to increase my color grid options but can't figure it out. I know I can click on More Colors to get a window with RGB sliding bars, but what she had was just a larger color grid, which I find quicker and easier to use than the RGB sliding bars. Can anyone please tell me how to get a larger color grid with more color choices in Fill Color (and Outline Color for that matter)?
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Ok, got it. I figured it was something quick and easy, just didn't know where to look. I didn't realize different styles affected your range of color choices but I guess it makes sense. Thanks, Jon
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She probably has more styles turned on that contain colors or has extra colors saved to her personal style or other referenced styles. (not all styles have colors and some of them have overlap with colors in other styles)
To turn on more styles go to the Customize menu and select Style Manager. In the Style Manager click the Styles button on the right.
You can also add your own colors to your personal style or any style you have write access to. That can be helpful if you find yourself creating certain colors often. You can do that through the Style Manager, too, or from the More Colors dialog.

slightly unrelated cartographer - but can you help me figure out this issue? it's driving me a bit mad.

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