Clip to shape-specifying one file

06-16-2010 05:10 AM
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Is there any way to clip one data layer to a shapefile when you have several which lie outside the boundary?  I need to do this without actually changing the dataset.  I didn't see anything allowing me to specify just one shapefile to be clipped but I thought some of you would have more ideas.  What I have is a county boundary with several shapefiles which extend outside the boundary, but I need to make sure one doesn't show up outside the boundary.  Any ideas?

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If you can't change the dataset you want to "clip", you are limited but depending on your TOC display order, you might consider creating a polygon big enough to hide that data, then cutting out of that polygon a donut hole to match your "clipping layer", and the put this masking poly over the layer to be "clipped" in the TOC as a white poly.  It will hide everything below it on the TOC, however.
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You can use a select by location, then Selection/save selected records as a layer. This new selection layer will have only the records that fall within the shapefile (you will also have to copy/import your symbology from the original layer). That will not, however, clip the overhangs.  I agree that they would need to be covered with another layer.
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