Cannot add local Featureservice to Portal over HTTPS

08-06-2015 04:48 AM
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We are just getting going with ArcGIS Portal, we haven't federated Portal and Server, but they run on the same box. Each with their respective IIS WebAdapters.

I can add items from the ArcGIS Server OK via HTTP, but if I try to add from a service with an HTTPS URL the process fails, both via Add Item in My Content, and add layer from the Web in the map viewer. I can add the same services to ArcGIS Online without a problem.

I have imported the SSL certificate using keytool but to no effect.

There is mention of a bug in a previous thread that ArcGIS Portal can't accept SSL map services from the same host name. Is this the issue I've come across, and if so what is the work around?

These are feature services to be edited with ArcGIS Collector so my understanding is they should be accessed via HTTPS.

When debugging the network traffic I can see a request is made to the service URL from the browser, that returns a null response (but HTTP status 200 OK ), if I visit the URL directly I can see the service description in JSON.  e.g.




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