Can't add field to hosted feature

08-05-2020 04:07 AM
Occasional Contributor III

I'm unable to add a field to a hosted feature I created.  I've tried it through the data tab of the features details page, as well as via the table in a map; but, all I get is "Error" (with no details) whenever I try.  Any ideas?

I created the feature, and am even a Level 2 admin.

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Hi Jason,

Can you check to see if there's any relevant entries in Portal or Server logs?

Portal: https://<PortalURL>/<WebAdaptor>/portaladmin/logs

Server: https://<ServerURL>/<WebAdaptor>/manager/log.html

Also, can you try adding a field again with the browser's dev tools open? If you inspect the network traffic, do you see any failed requests? What do the responses look like?


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