Calculate Area on the Fly?

05-05-2020 10:16 AM
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Working on a web app that allows users to easy view, create & edit simple polygons.  Is there a way to automatically calculate area on the fly and save it to the attribute table?  I am using the smart edit widget and I can easily find the zip code for a given polygon and save it to the table, just want to do the same with the area.


The annoying thing is a I calculate the pop-up using arcade: Area(Geometry($feature), 'square-meters') But I can’t figure out how to save that value to the table.

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Hi Ryan Bohan ,

Since you posted this in Portal for ArcGIS, may I assume that you have ArcGIS Enteprise? If so, you could use a calculation attribute rule that will be triggered on the insert or update events of a feature: Introduction to attribute rules—Geodatabases | Documentation 

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