Automatically update web maps when new entries are added to geodatabase

07-31-2017 11:32 AM
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Arkansas Electric is currently making a GIS Enterprise System. We have several database that our SDE Feature Class's are on. When a map is published, how would we allow or make the map to update when other entries for a class are added? Would we have to republish each map if different maps use the some of the same classes?

Ryan J. Hefley

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Can you describe what would be updated for the feature class?  If data is updated, (added, edited, deleted), the service will immediately reflect the new data as long as the data being edited is the same data used in the service, (see the help on registering your data with the Server).  If you want to add feature classes or layers to an existing service, you need to update the MXD and overwrite the service.  If you want to change the schema of a feature class or layer used in a service, you also need to overwrite the existing service.

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Hello Jonathan,

I have a list of layers in Portal for ArcGIS and I have a Python script that updates those layers. User modifies Excel file and runs the script. Everything that's been changed in Excel is reflected in Portal immediately. The script is working okay at least I see updates in attribute table in ArcCatalog. All layers are hosted in Geodatabase(GDB). The problem is that I don't see updates on the Portal map right away. I left the map open for a night and the map content was updated with recent entries. I have no idea what's been holding my Portal be updated and why it's taking too long.

Any comments?



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