Auto-populate shapefiles with predefined symbology/style

12-12-2013 01:28 AM
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I regularly create phase 1 studies and field/tree etc have to be represented in the same way throughout.

Is there a way of creating a style format and then when ever I create a new shapefile I can just import it in the symbology.

So for instance the style format will be a green cross for a  broadleaved tree, then when i create a shapefile of broadleeved trees I can just use the same style.

How do I go about creating this and then being able to call on it?

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Check out .lyr files. They will do what you want.

Edit: Sorry I should say you'll need a field populated with the attributes you want to capture.

Edit: Actually are you based in the UK? If so you can download a Phase 1 Habitat Survey STYLE file half way down this page
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You can create your own symbology, or you can just save the default symbols into your own default style.

Pick a symbol, then select "Save As" etc. (see attachment).

You can create symbology by choosing "Edit Symbol" instead, then save it.

These will then appears on your symbol selector
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Thanks, this has been really helpful.
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