Asking to Register to WebMap when no service is secured

05-21-2015 03:28 AM
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Hi everybody,

One of our clients is using Portal for ArcgIS 10.3 in Windows Server 2012.

He builds a WebMap that points to a service in ArcGIS Server. The service is opened to everybody.

Upon trying to open the WebMap, it asks for user & password (see attached picture. It is written i Hebrew to register).


When I defined the ArcGIS Server as federated, the problem was solved but it is not a reason to define federation.

It happened to another colleauge of mine and she solved it the same way I did (with federate ArcGIS Server).

Is there any other solution?

Thanks a lot,


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Hi Miri,

What release of ArcGIS Server is the web service from? And what authentication/security model is set for the Server site? Are these parameters the same for your colleague as well?

Hope this finds you well,

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