ArcGIS Text to Adobe Illustrator: what determines single line vs. single letter?

01-03-2011 11:40 AM
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Hello! Please see the attached Adobe Illustrator screen shot and notice that some text is presented as individual letters, and other text is presented as a single line (I have selected the text so you can see the vertices).  Clipping mask is released, everything is ungrouped. These labels have no difference I can find inside of ArcMap10, but something is clearly differentiating them in Illy.  Any ideas? And any idea how I can export to AI and achieve grouping neither by letter nor phrase, but by individual whole word? Thank you! (I have this posted on an Illustrator board too, but no luck there yet).
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What I have noticed is if the text is curved it will break up the text. Try setting the labels in ArcGIS to parallel or horizontal, that should keep the text together.
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