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Arcgis for portal token expiration minutes unable to extend more than 2 weeks

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12-22-2020 02:03 AM
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ArcGis for Portal 10.6.1 ,

Trying  to update Max Token Expiration Minutes to 3 months i,e 129600

Error: 'maxTokenExpirationMinutes' parameter invalid


 It is accepting if entered values is less than equal to 2weeks only.But more than 2weeks value is invalid.

Is it ArcGis for portal allows to update max token expiration to more than 2weeks.If yes than how, else what is the alternate solution.

Presently ArcGis for portal is configured to SAML authentication, therefore Token is created for Portal Builtin user for public use editing hence min 3 months expiration is needed.

Thanking you anticipation

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Hi @abdulmateen1,

David is spot on here, two weeks is the maximum value accepted by Portal for ArcGIS. 



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Thanks David, James for the prompt reply,

if max 2weeks is allowed then what is alternate solution to hide credentials from public user, because from f12 developer tools user can see credentials being passed to generate token.

We need to hide credentials from public user for accessing feature service insert operation. 


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Have you figured this out by chance?

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