ArcGIS for Portal 10.5.1 - Import Insights for ArcGIS Entilement

05-09-2019 11:43 AM
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Has anyone else setup an ArcGIS for Portal 10.5.1 site and tried to import their Insights for ArcGIS Entitlements form the 10.5.1 License Manager


We are getting this error

{   "error" : {     "code" : 500,     "message" : "java.lang.RuntimeException: The entitlementsFile is missing the 'arcgisInsights' or 'files' attribute.",     "details" : null   } }
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Hi Varun, 

Insights for ArcGIS does not require licensing through the License Manager.

To license Insights for ArcGIS, import the .json license file downloaded from My Esri directly into the Enterprise portal. You import the license file into Portal in the Portal Administrator Directory under System > Licenses > Import Entitlements.

Here is the documentation on configuring Insights for ArcGIS licenses for ArcGIS Enterprise 10.5.1:

Hope this helps,

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