App Launcher in Portal not showing built in apps

03-11-2020 11:06 AM
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Can anyone help me with why the App Launcher in Portal (v10.7) does not show the apps and/or tools that come with a subscription? There is a long list of "Essential Apps" bundles but I am unable to add them to the launcher. Anyone else have this problem? I have found it may have been a bug in earlier versions but no documentation for 10.7. Thanks!

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Hello Monica Beaton‌,

it would be great if you can share few details:

  • Are you able to see any App at all in App Launcher like Operation Dashboard?
  • Is it happening for all the User Types and different Roles as well?
  • A screenshot of App launcher of what is visible?
  • What is the authentication for ArcGIS Enterprise Portal?

This would in shedding some more light on the probable cause of the problem.

Hope it helps!

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Hello Archit,

Thank you so much for your message. The answers to your questions are as such:

  • Yes, I can see only the Operations Dashboard and the Sites icons
  • This is true for other users on the GIS Team with different roles
  • The Authentication mode is Portal for ArcGIS (is that what you meant by this question?) 
  • Screenshots are below
  • What my App Launcher looks likeAuthentication
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Hi Monica,

I wanted to provide this bit of information here: Manage apps in the app launcher—Portal for ArcGIS (10.8)

  • When you license apps in your organization, some of those apps automatically show up in the app launcher for users to whom you've assigned licenses.
  • In the current software release, ArcGIS Business Analyst, GeoPlanner for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Enterprise Sites, Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, and ArcGIS Insights appear in the app launcher for users who are licensed to access these apps.

What are the names of the additional applications you're interested in adding to the App Launcher? 

- Joe

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Hello Joe,

I appreciate you chiming in. I was expecting (perhaps wrongly) that the apps in the "Bundles" shown in the snippet below would show up as apps currently registered with our Portal. Just trying to make it as easy and painless as possible to introduce these tools to the GIS Team; none of whom have ever used Portal or even ArcGIS Online before and we are now attempting to create new map apps for the first time.Apps Included

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Monica Beaton,

Thanks for the response! It's my understanding that the only apps loaded (by default) on the App Launcher are those that are accessible via the browser. Collector, Survey123 (Survey123 Connect, Survey123 for ArcGIS), ArcGIS Maps for Office and ArcGIS Maps for Sharepoint are all applications which are downloaded onto machines. 

With that being said, I know it's possible to add Survey123 for ArcGIS (the website) to the App Launcher, as I've done that before. Most of the applications within "Essential Apps Bundle" are accessible directly within Portal for ArcGIS.

If you'd like to add Survey123 for ArcGIS to your App Launcher, here is how you can do so:

  • Navigate to your Portal Content > Add Item > An Application.
  • Type: Web Mapping, Purpose: Ready To Use, API: JavaScript, URL:, Title: Survey123 for ArcGIS, Tags: Survey123.
  • Add Item. Once the Item is created, copy the URL at the top --
  • Select the Organization Tab > Settings > General > App Launcher (at the bottom) > Add App.
  • Select "App Item URL" and paste the URL copied previously > Next.
  • Ensure the App Label is set to Survey123 for ArcGIS, or however you'd like this to appear in the App Launcher > Next.
  • Open a new browser tab, search for Survey123 for ArcGIS and go to the images. Save a picture of the Survey123 logo.
  • Go back to your Portal tab, select Add your Icon. Browse to your newly downloaded photo > Done.
  • Save your changes in Portal Settings and check the App Launcher to see if it works. 

Let me know if I'm able to help in any other way. 


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Thanks Joe!

I had actually figured out how to add it that way but considered it to be wrong but now I see it is because what I really want to do is install it on the hosting server. Thank you so much for confirming this, it is much appreciated!

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Are you able to provide the steps you took in order to achieve installing it onto the hosting server?

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This worked for survey 123. I tried for other apps like App studio, Experience Builder, Story Map, Workforce and Map viewer Beta, it will open and does not recognize by portal instead it will require me to login with ArcGIS online.

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To resolve this I followed this process to add ArcGIS Insights to a 10.7.1 deployment.

  • Navigate to your Content > Add Item > An Application.
  • Type : Web Mapping
  • Purpose : Ready To Use
  • API : JavaScript
  • URL:  https://{Machine_Domain}/{WebAdaptor/apps/insights
  • Title: ArcGIS Insights
  • Category: Apps
  • Tag {What you want}
  • Click Add Item. 
  • Navigate to the item you just created in your portal and copy the url of that item in your address bar (Not the URL near the bottom of the page)
  • Go to Organization > Settings > General > App Launcher > Add Item
  • Select App Item URL and paste in the URL of the item in your portal you just created and click next
  • Add your App Label
  • Add your Icon and click done!
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