Any way to edit portal items json without AGOL Assistant?

02-09-2021 05:32 AM
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ArcGIS Online Assistant is a great tool, but in my case it is a bit to limited and to slow. I need to edit some Web App Config.json files, and they contain thousands on lines so the AGOL-Assistant is very slow and there is no find and replace functionality etc.

Is there anyway to open the json files in a text editor when you have all access to installation location for Portal for ArcGIS?

I've found what I thought was the solution. If I get the id from my portal item I can go to ...\arcgisportal\content\items where there's a folder for each of my items named by it's id. And inside the folder there is a file with no extension namned by the item id. When I open this it looks just like it's supposed to be the json-file I'm looking for. This file is changed when I make changes to my item (configure my web appbuilder app). But editing this file in a texteditor and save it doesn't affect my web app. I've cleared browser cache and tried other browsers but still no change.


I wouln't have to go this road if it was possible to either add a custom theme to web appbuilder to the portal, or if it was possible to add custom on-screen widgets to the portal. But this seems impossible through the portal and its web app builder interface.

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