Adjusting the line width of legend patches

01-27-2012 07:02 AM
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I find that the line width of legend patches is disproportionately large in case of relatively small patches (e.g. 12pt with, 6pt height, see attached screenshot). Is there a way (which does not involve developing new ArcGIS functionality) to adjust the line width of the patches (e.g. to 0.5pt)? Thanks!
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I realize this thread is super old but it is exactly the question I need to pose..

I am using the vector based outline on my patches in small, ANSIB maps. I would like to modify the patch outline width/thickness (width of the outline not the actual patch) in the legend but not on the drawing. I need the patch to be a representation of what is in the map but doesn't have to be the exact match (thickness) of line in map. Do we have this capability w/in the Legend properties box or anywhere in the program?

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