Adding custom widget using HTTPS

01-17-2018 10:25 AM
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Hi there,

Running ArcGIS Server/Portal 10.5.1 within windows (IIS) and trying to serve up secure apps using HTTPS.

I created an app using WAB and added three custom widgets that I added to Portal as App Builder Extensions.

When accessing the web app using HTTPS the three widgets dont show up.  When accessing the app using HTTP, they do show.

I realized this may be because when adding the widgets using the Add Item->An application->Application Extension (App Builder) I accessed the Manifest URL using HTTP instead of HTTPS.  Could this be reason i am not seeing my widgets in the app?  I tried to add a widget using HTTPS and it threw an error saying it was unable to load the manifest.json.  So if I have to add these widgets using HTTPS, how would i go about doing that? 

ANY help would be greatly appreciated!

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