Using Azure Cloud Builder Without a License File?

04-26-2021 01:02 PM
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My organization is exploring deploying ArcGIS Enterprise on Microsoft Azure. We are a current Azure shop, and wish to use ArcGIS Enterprise Cloud Builder for Microsoft Azure as a way to understand the scope and cost of our eventual deployment. This way, we could understand the Azure infrastructure components that will be needed to support our deployment and estimate their cost before we invest.

My question is: is there currently a way to use Cloud Builder without first obtaining a license file?

If not, any suggestions for how we make a cost estimate? I am aware of Azure Pricing Calculator, however, I anticipate some difficulty getting a comprehensive estimate in terms of compute, storage, and networking resources required, and would like (and management will insist on) a cost estimate of a realistic deployment before we make the decision to purchase licenses.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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Using Azure Cloud builder will require license files because it stands up a fully functional system.  The behind the scenes it's spinning up a Ds3_v2 4 Core 14GB memory 128 OS disk, with an additional data disk (128 GB, to store the content of Portal, the hosting server, and DataStore).  There is also an App Gateway, with routing rules, that's placed in front of the Enterprise system.  Enterprise doesn't require an App Gateway to work; you can use just a web server or an Azure Load Balancer instead.

If you want to go the Cloud Builder route, I would reach out to your account manager and explain what you're attempting to see if they have additional ideas.