The web adaptor configuration URL has to be accessed from the machine hosting the web adaptor.

05-18-2021 07:25 AM
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I am configuring the ArcGIS Web Adaptor for IIS 10.8.1 on an Azure virtual machine. I've set up HTTPS in IIS bound to a wildcard CA certificate (* I've created a CNAME record at the domain registrar to point from to the virtual machine's public Azure DNS name ( I can navigate to and get the IIS default page with a valid SSL certificate.

Now, to set up the Web Adaptor, I've connected to the Azure VM via RDP, and I'm trying to open, since the documentation here indicates that the DNS alias should be used. However, when I do this, I get the error:

"The web adaptor configuration URL has to be accessed from the machine hosting the web adaptor."

Even if I use the Azure public DNS name, I still get this error.

So, which URL should I use to configure the Web Adaptor?

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The WA may be determining that the IP of the DNS alias doesn't match the IP of the local machine, (external vs internal).

What you can try is register using the actual FQDN of the machine, then set a Web Context URL to the DNS alias.

It's not technically a reverse proxy, but it's just a different alias that server should present as it's "public URL".

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Hi @JonathanQuinn,

Thanks for your reply. What I ended up doing (at Esri Canada Technical Support's suggestion) is to create an entry in the hosts file mapping the internal IP address to the public DNS name. Then, I could access the web adaptor configuration page using the public DNS name and complete the configuration. After configuration was completed, I removed the entry from the hosts file.

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