I can not create hosted feature layer in portal. "Service Hosted/xxx/MapServer not found"

08-26-2021 01:52 PM
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I have deployed new ArcGIS Enterprise site with Cloud Builder 10.9 as following configuration.

- High available deployment

-Single Tier deployment with secondary machine (Portal + Hosting Server + Relational DS + TileCache DS)

-Use Azure Cloud Storage for the configuration and content store (Azure Files (SMB))

-Additional two machine spatiotemporal big datastore


Everything looks fine before updating ArcGIS enterprise with update tool.

After applying all updates I am not able to create feature service. When I try to create a feature layer from ArcGIS Portal I get error like "Service Hosted/test1/MapServer not found"

There is no error when I check from portal admin and server admin (logs settings in debug mode.)

All datastores are validated successfully on ArcGIS Serve Manager.

There are some errors on datastore logs history but not persist.

- ArcGIS Data Store encountered too many problems. Failover may be invoked if standby is configured.

- Failed to perform failover on data store machine 'xx'. Write to ArcGIS Data Store configuration store failed.
Caused by: ERROR: cannot execute UPDATE in a read-only transaction

- ArcGIS Data Store has detected an issue with 'Machine: xx'.

- Error during relational data store vacuum/analyze maintenance on 'xx'. Failed to execute a SQL script.

- Health check replication....

- replicationStatus is: ASYNC


There are some repeating errors in server logs:

- Exception in get user privileges Server machine 'https://subdomanin.domain.com/portal/sharing/rest/community/self' returned an error. 'Invalid token.'

- Response already committed. Cannot forward to error page.


I need some help to troubleshoot problem.


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