Update existing item details to store credentials

12-20-2016 12:56 AM
Status: Implemented
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Please add the ability to update existing ArcGIS Online item to store credentials in cases that ArcGIS For Server services are secured after they were registered as items to ArcGIS Online.

Today their is an option in ArcGIS Online to store credentials only for new items, but no option to update existing items to store service credentials when it become secured after registration.


Hi Guy, 

Your post here looks to ask for the ability to apply Stored credentials to  "ArcGIS Server web service Items (with no credentials.)"

I was curious to add the following thread to this post to see if we can add to the use case of your idea.  

-Change the service link when using "store credentials" option 

The use case in this discussion is related to "ArcGIS Server web service Items (with saved credentials)":

- The ArcGIS Server was updated with SSL, 

- Thus making services available over HTTPS, 

- We discussed that we couldn't update the URL for  "ArcGIS Server web service Items (with saved credentials)",

- Thus new Items needed to be created for the new HTTPS links. 

- We noted "ArcGIS Server web service Items (with no credentials)" can freely update URLs. 

I was curious if we can add more to this discussion as we might be able Solve two issue with one functionality.  What do you think? 




I ran with this issue while I was trying to update the SSL of my services ( Moving from HTTP to HTTPS)  I was storing the credentials  with the service and I couldnt update the service link! 

I assumed changing the service link in ArcGIS online for 20 feature service will take 20 minutes and I end up spending a ton of working hours to do that! I literally destroyed all the feature services and built them again then I updated the webmaps and there settings!


I ran into the same issue.  This limitation is causing me a lot of extra work.  I hope this is addressed soon.


I need to be able to change my urls to a secured service and store credentials.

I am developing arcgis experiences that will be embedded on our public website with data that cannot be released yet. To embed experiences all of your data has to be shared with everyone, so for developing and testing purposes I am using a url that is only available to our internal network (i.e. the experience is shared with everyone, but you won't see any data if you are outside our network).

Esri says it is a good practice to keep your rest endpoints hidden so I want to use the "store credential" capability of ArcGIS Online and replace the urls to my existing mapservice to a secured service and store credentials. Although I was able to replace the internal url with a secured service, it does not prompt me to store credentials - instead I have to enter them when I want to view the item. 

I have over 70 layers for this project which are all styled and used in multiple experiences. Replacing the feature layers in the webmaps and resetting up my experiences would be a lot of work.


Adding my support here. Updating map service URLs is no problem in other apps like VertiGIS, it should be standard to be able to do that within the ArcGIS platform too.

Status changed to: Implemented

This is currently available in the software.  In order to change credentials after adding the item, you can edit the item details and enter a different username or password.  More on this can be found in our product documentation: https://doc.arcgis.com/en/arcgis-online/reference/arcgis-server-services.htm#ESRI_SECTION1_FEB0DF92D....


@jill_es - I'm not sure the above post addresses this original request made by @GuyNizry.  

The problem Guy is having, and I am also experiencing is:

- I have a ArcGIS For Server service already published in AGOL without any security set on it

- I now want to secure this service

- There is no way to update an existing item in AGOL to store store credentials if this wasn't set during initial publishing

- The only way round this is to publish the item again in AGOL and set store credentials during the  publishing stage.  However, this then means having to reconfigure all web maps and apps to use this new service.

Could this idea be reopened to address this issue?

Many thanks