Switch Named Branch versions in Map viewer

03-02-2022 09:26 AM
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There is very important feature which is Switching branch versions within MapViewer.

Branch version depends on feature service and we cannot use named (Child) version in WebMap, Dashboard,..etc. so you have to use ArcPro only to be able to Edit or Select features in named (Child) versions which is illogical I work on service not to use ArcPro only. So there is a must for switching option in Map Viewer (Not only Experience Builder which will take in the next lines).

- so from here I search a lot for solutions or workaround and I found that:

Workaround 1:

1- Create a complex DB view to view a specific child version.

--1- Issue: to build DB view to get a specific child Branch version it takes a complex Query. so if we have another views on branch versions I think it will be too complicated to build a view and will face performance issues.

--2-Issue: DB views cannot be edited.

Workaround 2:

1- Use VMS widget from ArcGIS Experience Builder.


1- I cannot use Experience Builder in Dashboard or ESRI's apps unlike MapViewer.

2- I cannot edit in ArcGIS Enterprise Experience Builder there is no widget for editing.  (I know Edit tool in ArcOnline but I cannot publish Branch version on ArcOnline so!!!).

So after all of these Issues and ESRI did not provide a solution!. 

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Great Idea. Editor widget is available now in ExB but would be very useful still to have the possibility to change the version so that I can have a different team view a modified version of a layer that suits their operational needs, outside of ExB.