Provide a way to update the version of the Javascript API used by ArcGIS Portal without upgrading Portal

07-29-2019 04:49 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor II

As I understand it, the only way to update the version of the Javascript API used by Portal is to upgrade the entire Portal application. In the case of 10.6.1 it includes version 3.24. Maps using this version of the JSAPI do not allow panning or pinch-to-zoom with the latest chrome browser on Android devices. Since this is a Google issue, there is nothing for Esri to do about it. The problem does not exist with version 3.28 of the API, but in order to get our out of the box Portal apps to use that version of the API, I must upgrade to 10.7.1. It would be great for situations like this to install an update package or replace the old directory with a new one.


Thank you, I just submitted a support ticket asking if there was a way to accomplish this javascript API upgrade without going through an entire Enterprise upgrade. We just bought a load of very expensive touchscreens for our new office and we now realize none of them work with our webmaps, using Enterprise/Portal 10.6.1   :o


Were they able to help? Or were you forced to upgrade to 10.7?