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09-23-2016 06:40 AM
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Currently there is no option to limit how much resources each named user can consume, so it would be nice to have some sort of a "quota system" to prevent them from exhausting the servers resources.

I've seen a similar idea for ArcGIS Online here.

Perhaps the solution to that idea could be harnessed to Portal if both the credit and the quota system were implemented in Portal.

The beauty behind the credit system is that all system resources converge to a single coin: credits. Processing, storage and bandwith consumption are all translated to credits consumption.

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This is a very importat feature and it can also help to control the credits used when accessing ArcGIS Online services through a Portal. I a Portal is allowed to use a the Geocoding service, for example, there's no way to limit the credit consumption of a user, and this is risky.

The credit mechanism is quite straightforward and can solve a lot of administration problems.


The inability to allocate credits to named users is on the verge of turning into an administrative nightmare. With different users and teams wanting to run credit-intensive gp tools, we need these individuals/teams to purchase their own blocks of credits. However, we can't then allocate them to each buyer, leaving the portal admin to manually track and manage the overall credits. I'm confused why the ability to allocate credits exists in AGO but not in Enterprise. 


We are now with an opportunity with the same request. An Spanish retail company only want an on-premise environment but they've shown concerns about variable costs when using ArcGIS Online services configured through ArcGIS Portal. I think that the quota management feature should be also available here.

@pheede-esri I've seen that this Idea was posted in 2016 and re-requested in 2020 and 2021, any chances to have it implemented or under-consideration at any time?


We are facing the same issues in AGOL.
A File Space allocation section like the Credit allocation section seems to be pretty helpful for us...

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