Offer ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home educational-use programs

03-10-2012 07:37 AM
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Similar to Esri's current "ArcGIS for Home Use" program ($100 per year for ArcView only and several extensions), please create an ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home Use program.

Some use cases:
  • Person wants to learn to be an ArcGIS Server Administrator / ArcSDE Administrator but has no access to the technology
  • Developer wants to learn more about Web Services but has no access to the technology
  • Current ArcGIS Server Administrator / ArcSDE Administrator wants to prep for newer release. Would be especially helpful for some orgs that are prevented from adopting new releases until they are security certified or market-tested by other orgs...
  • Former ArcGIS Server Administrator / ArcSDE Administrator wants to keep current with the technology
  • A student or career-changer wants to learn Esri technology but has no access to the technology
If distributing ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE media for educational purposes is unreasonable, consider a Cloud option. If third party licensing challenges arise with, for example, an Educational Amazon AMI offering, presents, perhaps
such an AMI could be deployed on a Linux OS with PostgreSQL as a database. For commercial use AMIs, I believe Esri has only made two available, perhaps because these are the only ones  they are able to freely distribute:
  • One using SQL Server Express as the RDBMS
  • An Enterprise offering using PostgreSQL for the RDBMS
Don't forget Oracle. Evidently ArcSDE 10.0 works with Oracle XE 11g. And Oracle makes most of its products freely available, even full Enterprise versions, for educational use. Could you partner with them to help Esri and its customers meet their respective education and training missions?

If Hybrid IT is increasingly our future (e.g. a mixture of on-premise data centers and cloud-sourced "maps and apps"), an educational Cloud offering may benefit Esri customers. Familiarity breeds adoption, preparedness, etc? Think of Malcolm Gladwell and Tipping Points.

For any of this to be effective, the ArcGIS for Home program should include  a minimum of ArcEditor. Interested parties can vote for that option below:

Offer ArcGIS for Home at ArcEditor (Standard) license level--not just ArcView (Basic)

Include ArcGIS for Home with Esri Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs)

Implementing some or all of the above ideas would help Esri better serve the educational, professional, and career needs of its customers. It's interesting to see the certification program take off. But how does one get certified if one doesn't have sufficient access to the technologies? This is a potential Win-Win. Great potential synergy with other educational efforts Esri has moved forward with. Keep up the good work and continue to unlock and expand the value in your ArcGIS for Home and Certification concepts. Hopefully others will vote and encourage Esri to do what seems to me to be in the best interests of both vendor and customer--being successful together.
Offer ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home educational-use programs, is a great idea
Please try to kepp a round a $100.00

Both for learning and for being able to share content in the cloud this is an excelent idea.
I like this idea! This is what I am looking for. If ERSI wants its clients to be productive, students(who are not able afford for high subscription charges but need to learn) should be given enough platforms if they own Home Users ArcGIS Lisences. A Company or an organization can afford but not a student. To enable this service, verify the student account from the respective educational institution. 
No movement on this Idea in nearly two years. For personal projects, of necessity, I'll be re-investigating free open source alterative ways of serving up map services.
Any thoughts on the probability and/or timeframe of implementing this? Would be wonderful to release at the next International UC.

Or if you could provide an AMI for cloud-based experimentation with installing and configuring the latest ArcGIS Server / ArcSDE?
Here is a "reboot" of this Idea with a slightly different twist--offer such a thing in the Cloud:

ArcGIS Server for Home / ArcSDE for Home use (in the Cloud)
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Thank you for your post! This is not something we are planning to offer at this time.