Offer ArcGIS for Home at ArcEditor (Standard) license level--not just ArcView (Basic)

Idea created by dananrg on Jul 10, 2011

         Thanks for offering ArcView at USD $100 per year for noncommercial uses. The overview states: "This offer is ideal for existing ArcGIS users who want to use the same powerful software at home for noncommercial personal use and for individuals who want to expand their GIS skills."

         However, ArcView may be insufficient for educational home use. For example, unless I'm misremembering, ArcSDE Desktop / Personal is only available at ArcEditor and higher. By only providing only ArcView, the opportunity for self-study (or get a refresh on) ArcSDE technology is lost.

         The U.S. has of course seen layoffs recently. A friend who recently lost her job asked what she could do to keep up with her skills. She's an intermediate to advanced GIS Analyst so ArcView wouldn't cut it. So I can't recommend ArcGIS for Home for her situation. Most GIS folks who've been in the profession for a while are using ArcEditor or ArcInfo. I suppose she could request a trial of ArcEditor?

         To sum up, thanks for introducing ArcGIS for Home. To fully unlock the value in this concept, offer the ArcEditor license level (AKA "Standard" at 10.1). Charge double if you like. But please try to make it happen.

         That or reconsider what's truly in or out of scope for this offering. Does it really meet the (non)business need it was designed for? ArcView may actually limit those who want "to expand their GIS skills." Consider someone with only ArcView at work, but wants to learn ArcEditor or ArcInfo. Another option might be to offer non-commercial use subscriptions to ArcEditor via Citrix (or some other form of virtualization). Finally, don't forget GIS folks wanting to learn ArcGIS Server (web services). How about ArcGIS for Server @ Home for those wanting to advance their knowledge in that domain? Think outside the polygon here.

         Dana Nibby