Command-Line sanity-checker/integrity-checker for Server and Portal installations

01-05-2022 01:42 PM
Status: Open
New Contributor III

I find myself wanting to verify that my installation is not broken in obvious ways (missing or corrupt files, for example).  A sanity-checking tool would help.  This idea is modeled on the old 'pkgchk' (package check) utility shipped with Solaris operating systems. See

pkgchk consults a manifest of the files which are supposed to be on my system and verifies they are present, with the correct ownership, permissions, and checksums.  Running such a tool would give a first-pass sanity check when debugging a new problem. It would let me (and the support analyst) know that we are starting at the right baseline for debugging operations.

This can also be useful for security audits -- it would permit the immediate flagging of modified files.