choose a default polygon part gets labeled in a multi-part polygon

09-07-2012 01:16 PM
Status: Closed
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I would like the ability to choose which part of a multi part polygon gets the label when I remove duplicate lables on the map. If that part is not currently visible on the screen i would like he lable to position on another part, but i would like to choose the default polygon. . .
This is a good idea. Currently there is only a choice of labeling every part of a polygon or only the largest part. Sometimes the best place for a label is on another polygon that may not be the largest.

Would it be useful if the multi-part polygon labeling options were more like the options for line features - place one label per feature, one per part, etc?
Status changed to: Closed

Not in the active product plan.  If still a concern, please log a new idea for ArcGIS Pro.