Bring back custom html editing for your home splash portal page in 10.9.1

08-03-2021 12:53 PM
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It looks like in enterprise 10.9, the customization of your portal homepage with HTML/JavaScript was taken away. We have several customers in DoD and the Military who do heavy customization to their splash pages. We need to keep this capability.

Customers need the customization to add links to various resources to support the use of the enterprise. Training links is a common one. They typically will put images with links behind them to various resources.


Here's a perfect example from USSOCOM from their Joint Intelligence Center:

I recommend we have a basic capability to build a splash home page for your portal and then have an advanced capability. I had some fun with ArcGIS Sites and it was very easy to build a page. I’d recommend using this. It just works and is easy to learn. No reason to recreate the wheel. Have the ability to still submit web parts that can have HTML and JavaScript customization in them though.

We should not take capability away which has been in all our releases of the enterprise. It would be taking steps back in capability and also upsetting customers at the same time.

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Hi Jim,

At this point the old homepage experience is still available in ArcGIS Enterprise 10.9 (and will also be in 10.9.1) so your existing workflows will continue to work for the foreseeable future.

In looking at your example homepage from USSOCOM, it doesn't appear that there's any type of customization being used that couldn't be replicated using the new homepage editor. Would you be able to provide some insight into what parts you aren't able to create in the new editor? If you are available, someone on the Enterprise team will reach out to you to discuss some more.