Bring ArcGIS Portal/enterprise configuration options into closer alignment with ArcGIS Online out of the box

03-03-2022 07:43 AM
Status: Open
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TL;DR - ArcGIS Online and ArcGIS Portal are very similar. Yes, there is some specific differences for ArcGIS Online to have different capability offerings, but options within the ArcGIS Portal configuration file should be available to us for use and thoroughly documented. The usage tab should be available too!

Proposal - Allow for all options listed within the ArcGIS Portal configuration file to be useable out of the box by the deploying organization along with having some basic tools available like the usage tab (for example).

Benefit - Orgs would be able to not have to maintain 2 different sets of code to extract information from ArcGIS Online and Portal (like usage data). Additionally, orgs would not be reviewing their advanced configuration options for Portal deployments, get excited at the possibilities only to find out later that Esri does not support a configuration option that is present in the config file.


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