Portal Item Usage -- Can we please get the AGOL Usage Tab Already?

03-17-2022 01:28 PM
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Gosh, I would just appreciate it if we could just get a little more parity between ArcGIS Online and Portal. That said, I would settle for being able to have the item Usage tab found in ArcGIS Online, available in Portal. It would really help especially when you have to provide metrics on item usage, etc.

I use this snazzy snagger script to lift the usage data from AGOL (daily usage data). 😉


The area that contains the daily can be found here...




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You could do something like this with the ArcGIS Python API and grab point-in-time usage counts. But I agree that a simple tab would be amazing.

@jcarlson, Yeah, that is where I am at currently. Trying to decide if I want to go through the process of capturing the total (change) day by day. **Sigh** I always get a giggle out of things because under the hood AGOL and Portal are so similar, but in areas like this I am left with the, "why does this have to be different?".

Can't Agree enough!

Professional Services has a cool tool that is called Enterprise Metrics that helps provide some of what the usage tab provides that we are considering deploying. If we have already went though the trouble of deploying ArcGIS Monitor why should we then have to develop our own processes or pay for a PS engagement for  this functionality.  The functionality should exists in the Portal UI or at least in ESRI's monitoring product. 



Nice! I did not know about the professional services tool.  I'll have to see if that is somehow available on the net or not.

Monitor is great for extracting out the services usage (preferable pickup point for me), but not the Portal asset items, unless you are working on the new version of Monitor (still waiting on the new version eagerly).



Okay...so I obviously gave up on this for v11, but how about v11.1?


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